2015 Development

Development of a draft conceptual framework

During 2015, a more detailed analysis was undertaken to move towards a shared understanding of what is valued in teaching. A workshop was held in London in April 2015 to consider the similarities and differences in the presentations and expectations that the initial scoping work of 2014 revealed. The outputs from this work – an early prototype of the framework that was to be fully validated during 2016 – was presented at the annual EI Conference (held in 2015 in Edinburgh, UK)

Recognition of Teaching Excellence – Report to the U21 Educational Innovation Pre-conference Workshop, Edinburgh, 28 October 2015


“Following discussion of this first report at the U21 EI Cluster Meeting at UNSW in October 2014 it was decided that a more detailed analysis was required if, as a network, we were to work towards a shared understanding of what we value in teaching. We have such an understanding about research but the first report showed that we have some way to go to match this in teaching. This report is the outcome of that more detailed analysis.”


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