2014 Scoping

Initial scoping and document analysis activities

An initial discussion paper looking across U21 member institutions as to the messages communicated about the importance and value of teaching

“This paper seeks to understand the messages that research-intensive universities communicate about the importance and value of teaching, and how they define, recognize and reward teaching quality. While it is acknowledged that the internal and external influences on policy development as they relate to teaching differ by jurisdiction (for example, the differing approaches to counting teaching-only staff in research assessment exercises) and international context, this paper examines the recognition of teaching in current policy frameworks to set out possibilities for the ways in which teaching can be given prominence in research-intensive universities”


“We begin with a brief historical overview of the teaching-research nexus to identify the origins of current debates about the recognition of teaching in university settings. We then explore the ways that U21 universities acknowledge the value of teaching by examining how teaching is positioned in academic appointments, the recognition of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), and statements on standards for teaching, and promotion policies. Analysis of a range of Universitas 21 (U21) members’ policies leads us to outline a series of discussion points for further consideration about the recognition of teaching within research-intensive universities in the U21 network.”


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